More With Murphy

The More with Murphy Podcast features Ken Murphy as he asks one of life’s biggest questions: is there more than this? Whether you’re looking for more in your relationships, leadership, finances, or just life in general, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to laugh, and maybe even cry, because we’re going there.

Meet Ken

I think everyone wants more out of life.

Whether it’s money, peace, purpose, confidence, love, or knowledge, there’s always more to get, to learn, to have, and to be.

More with Murphy is my attempt to help you embrace the “mores” of life. I want to add more value to your day by passing on the limitless wisdom, advice, and influence that’s available to us if only we share. You’ve given me your time and I want to make sure you get the most out of this investment.

When I think of all of the people who have helped me along the way, the list is overwhelming. The most significant are those who were or are close to me, but there are many who have added value to my life in incredible ways despite the fact that we’ve never even met. I’ve read their books, listened to their podcasts, attended their seminars, and then tried to break their message down and apply it to my life. They gave me more and I will forever be grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and am still learning through them and countless others.

I started “More with Murphy” because I want to keep the conversation going; I genuinely believe there’s always more to be said. My wife Serena and I are often asked about parenting, finances, leadership, and pretty much everything else under the sun. Inevitably, these questions almost always turn into a conversation about life’s lessons… what we’ve learned, how to get and achieve more, and how to pass on more to others.

I am a believer in Christ, but I also believe that the lessons we learn in this life add more value to who we are and who we are becoming regardless of where we are on the faith journey. If you’re listening and this encourages you, that alone encourages me. You’re one more person who received a boost in their daily living. One more person living the more in store for their life.

Thanks for allowing me and some friends to join you in your quest for more in this thing called life. As always, there’s more to come.





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