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It’s March Madness, and there’s nothing quite like it! In Episode 7 of the More with Murphy Podcast, Ken and Jackson Murphy sit down with one of the most successful Division 1 high school basketball programs in the state of Ohio, but you don’t have to love basketball to love this podcast. Whether you lead a business, organization, team, or a family, today's episode will help you learn how to build a winning culture that people ask to be a part of just so they can experience what truly winning (and we're not just talking scoreboards) feels like.

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Show Notes -

Joined by his son, Jackson Murphy, and local coaching sensation, Brett Norris, host Ken Murphy dives into one of the most important aspects of any family, career, business, team, or organization: culture. A standout from the court, Norris talks all things coaching, team building, accountability, and more in Episode 7. We’re all leaders in some respect, and whether you lead a team of 2 or 200, this episode is for you.

Head coach of the Hilliard Bradley Boys Basketball program in Columbus, OH, Brett Norris has a long history of excellence on the court. Norris began his coaching career at Delphos St. John's where he served as their head coach from 1995-2005. The team compiled a record of 177-63 during his tenure, including 4 league championships, 3 district championships, 3 regional championships, and captured the 2002 state championship. His other coaching positions have included Head Coach at Hilliard Darby, Assistant at Capital University, and Assistant at Upper Arlington. Six years ago, Norris became the Head Basketball Coach at Hilliard Bradley. Since then, he has compiled a record of 134-19, with a promising squad set to continue winning this season.

Norris and his team of coaches have built a program with young men who work hard and are dedicated to becoming better on the court and in life. They are dedicated to more than winning games, instead focusing more on building great men who will one day apply some of the things they’ve learned and become great leaders who impact their families, work, communities and the world. The values of Together, Passion, Grit, and Honor are engrained deeply into their culture, leaving a lasting legacy in players, families, managers, coaches, and alumni alike. Coach Norris has been a ‘Murphy family coach’ for over 6 years now, and considers Jackson, the eldest Murphy, one of his foundational players that helped set the standard during his first year as head coach at Hilliard Darby.

In his personal life, Coach Norris and his wife Carrie have 4 boys: Braden (21), Keaton (17), Cade (14) , and Kypton (10).

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