Ep. 4 - Maurice Clarett, OSU Football and Life Change


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It’s Episode 4 of the More with Murphy podcast, and today host Ken Murphy is joined by his wife Serena Murphy and athlete, author, and motivational speaker, Maurice Clarett. From reigning as a national champion and professional athlete on the football field to sitting behind bars, Maurice learned that work ethic and discipline can be applied just as effectively to one’s personal life as they can in sports. Today, he’s sharing his rise to the top, his fall from grace, and how he picked himself up to rise again, but this time, he’s bringing others with him.

His courage to not shy away from his past mistakes is what makes him a true inspiration, and one worth listening to.

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Show Notes

On the fourth episode of More with Murphy podcast, host Ken Murphy is joined by his wife Serena Murphy and athlete, author, businessman, and motivational speaker, Maurice Clarett. Known most notably for his pivotal role on the 2002 National Championship Ohio State Buckeye Football team, Maurice’s life has been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Falling quickly from the field to a jail cell, he learned the importance of self-accountability and personal responsibility. Today, he uses his influence to educate and equip young athletes and minorities to embrace a brighter tomorrow and more fulfilling lives through his behavioral health agency called The Red Zone, urban housing projects, mentorship programs, as well as many other development opportunities.

In his personal life, Maurice and his wife Ashley share two children, Jayden (14) and Titan (11 mos).

Listen to his full story today!

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Check out his book, One and Done: How My Life Started When My Football Career Ended, and other writings.

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